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“Chariots of Fire”

March 27th, 2005

“… behold, chariots of fire …”

(2 Kings 2:11)

“The chariots of God are twice ten thousand,
thousands upon thousands; the Lord is among them …”

(Psalm 68:17)

Her name is Katie Elizabeth Kirkpatrick. She was crowned as Lapeer East High School 2000-01 Homecoming Queen. She was also co-valedictorian at Lapeer. One day, in 2002, she was informed that she had a brain tumor. It would return in the form of a lung cancer the very next year. On Saturday January 15, 2005, Katie appeared in a sparkling gown of crystals, and walked without the tank of oxygen down the aisle on her father’s arm before 500 wedding guests! Then, five days later, after marrying her high school sweetheart, 21 year old Katie Kirkpatrick Godwin went home to be with her Lord.

Most of Rochester College attended her funeral. The ceremony began with a photo collage and a strand from Sarah McLachlan’s, “I Will Remember You.” Her favorite worship songs were also included: “I Stand in Awe,” and “The Joy of the Lord.” Then, in an excerpt from Katie’s valedictorian address, the minister read: “It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble, how hopeless the outlook or how great the mistake, a sufficient realization of love will not redeem.” Tears fell that day, as the audience of some 1200 heard: “In the ears of my heart, I think I can hear the trumpets sounding for our girl, Katie.” [Thank you, Lord, for Katie: a faithful member of your church].
Yes, “The chariots of God are twice ten thousand…” (Ps. 68:17). God’s power
is depicted in terms of endless vehicles of His glory in history. Habakkuk 3:8
even speaks of a “…chariot of salvation” (see 3:13). To be involved in this
kind of drama for God, with God, and unto God, is only possible today. For, His
chariots are in motion, and He is among them.

-Robert M. Housby

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