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Cape Congregation… Evangelistic Emphasis

August 5th, 2007

Two Special Months: Aug. – Sept.

“…and I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective…”

(Philemon 6)

Who may participate?
New Testament Christians (Acts 11:26; 19:1-5).

What would I be doing in this “Evangelistic Emphasis” ?
There will be special August and September Tuesday and Thursday night meetings (6:30 p.m. at church bldg.). These meetings will be opportunities to assess where we are with the contacts. It is not necessary that you attend all such meetings to be involved. Depending on your background, some will actually be conducting Bible studies. Others will not be making actual gospel presentations, but will be doing support ministries. Evangelistic Support Ministries (ESM):

E – Enlisting the names of loved ones who need Christ and have yet to make a commitment toward becoming a New Testament Christian.

S – Specific Supplication prayers for this effort.

M – Manage to attend meetings; make recommendations regarding your submitted names; organize our materials; and go with our new-converts into a New Christians Class.

Jesus said, “If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him” (John 12:26).

– Robert M. Housby

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