June 16th, 2019

About Bob & Marla…

Bob and Marla were married in a candle light ceremony on the snowy evening of December 20, 1980 in northern Illinois.   They have served churches of Christ throughout the Mid-West since their engagement.

Bob’s Dad was decorated in WW II (29th Div/116th Inf). Bob’s formative years were in the Catholic Church, including the Italian branch.  Both of his parents are now deceased.

Marla’s parents planted churches in Illinois during her formative years.  Her father, the late Dean R. Martin, a long-time principal, assistant superintendent, and an Elder in the Lord’s church, passed away suddenly in December of 2008.  Marla has also done interim missionary work in the French Quarter of Switzerland.  She has studied French in high school and college.

They have one son, Jason, of Des Moines, Iowa.  He holds a Computer Science Degree from Harding University and worships with the Grandview congregation in Des Moines, Iowa.

“To imagine that things in this life are always to remain as they are is to indulge in an idle dream”

Don Quixote, Chapter 53

Academic Backgrounds

Robert M. Housby

Honors and Institutions

Abilene Christian University (1988-1991): honored for academic excellence (1990) under Dean, Ian Fair (College of Biblical Studies); Graduate of Sunset (SIBI, 1978-1980), Lubbock, Texas (144 hrs.)
Inducted member of Alpha-Chi, National Honor Society; delivered a paper to Alpha-Chi Psi Chapter, Orlando, Florida (1991): Scientific Difficulties of Infinity Upon Post-Wittgensteinian Positivism.

Greek Grammar Emphasis

Began studying Greek grammar in 1978 (Summer’s Essentials of New Testament Greek).  In 1979, Dana and Mantey’s A Manual Grammar of the New Testament Greek.From 1980-1988: Machen’s Grammar (5 case format); Septuagint Grammar (LXX); and William Hersey Davis’ Grammar.  From 1988 through 1991, studied under Dr. Thomas Geer (Ph.D., Greek) emphasizing the work of the British scholar, Molly Whittaker and Dr. Geer’s private notes.  Additionally, Paul’s Epistles were studied under Dr. Paul Southern (Ph.D., Greek), who studied under the heir to the incomparable legacy of Dr. A.T. Robertson (A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in Light of Historical Research).

Marla F. Housby

Marla has a B.A. Degree in Psychology from Harding University.  She was also in an alternative certification program in education (State of Texas,1992).

Marla has taught in Special Education; Title I Math; and related capacities.  She has acquired proficiency in computer applications; web site content; and secretarial work.


Best Wishes!

Bob & Marla