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Remain True to Christ

January 20th, 2008

“Do not be surprised brothers, that the world hates you”

(1 John 3:13)

1 John is a relatively small letter, with an uncompromising platform. One of the planks of John’s platform is to remain (Greek, meno) true to the Lord. This concept of remaining true is sometimes translated “abide” (as in the English Standard Version). 1 John 2:27,28 shows that John uses the term abide with the preposition “in” (Greek, en)—“abide in the Son and in the Father,” and “abide in him.” In other words, the action called for here is in relationship to God through Christ.

Remaining true is not only affirming the positive things of the Christian faith, it is reacting against the negatives:

1. “darkness” (1:6)
2. “the evil one” ( 2:13,14; 5:19)
3. “the devil” (3:7-10)
4. “the spirit of the antichrist” (4:3)

To remain true is to have understanding of the Lord’s ways; and to be in relationship with the Lord ; and, it is to be weary of idols (divided allegiance) – See 1 John 5:20-21.

– Robert M. Housby

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