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Some Attitudes About Action

January 9th, 2005

“Don’t Stop Now!”

“Do not look back or stop anywhere in the valley”

(Genesis 19:17)

The December heavens of 2004 dropped over 10 inches of snow on our City of Roses recently. It was a cold gray afternoon, with temperatures dropping fast. I was enroute to the church building and approaching the south entrance. As I came up the little hill the car began to bog down and slide in the deep snow. I hesitated briefly to reassess my position; the tires began to spin; and I knew that to stop now would surely get me stuck. So, I gunned the engine! The back-end swerved and the engine roared, but we made our way through it.
In the Bible story of the Rescue of Lot (Genesis 19), we may observe that Lot’s wife, “looked back, and she became a pillar of salt” (Genesis 19:26). In the New Testament, it is related that Demas stopped too soon (2 Timothy 4:10). In these examples, and others, certain characteristics seem to appear:

1. Too much hesitation.
2. Too much concern with the cost of going on.
3. Too much concern with leaving the safety of what’s behind.
4. Too little determination to give-it-all for the cause.

Inactive Christians are lingering in the valley. Now, that may not sound too bad. But, this isn’t just any valley (Joel 3:14). All for Christ, and nothing is lost that shall not be restored. Make your way. Make your way right now (John 14:6).
“Don’t stop now!”

-Robert M. Housby

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