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Suppose God Wanted to Use You Today

June 5th, 2005

” Have Thine own way Lord! Have Thine own way! Search me and try me, Master today…”

-Adelaide A. Pollard, Have Thine Own Way, Lord

And so, another Sunday rolled around. The church was all gathered as usual, singing the old songs, and praying for the standard blessings from heaven. The preacher began his sermon that morning with a question, ” Suppose that God wanted to use you today, could he?” He then paused. But, this pause was no ordinary pause. This pause was a silence of some thirty-seconds! Now, the church at this particular place was not at all accustomed to very good preaching. But, here was a question that was more about the individual in the pew than it was about the preacher in the pulpit. So, after some personal introspection, and not a little shifting about, the preacher had the audacity to ask the very same question again. Suppose that God did want to use you, and he wanted to use you today, could he? He proceeded with the sermon:

1. First, God cannot use someone who is too busy accomplishing their own agenda; if he can’t gain you on the first day of the week, it’s not likely that he’ll have you on a Wednesday or a Thursday either (Matt. 6:24)..
2. Secondly, if God cannot use you today, he cannot use you at all; for today is all we have to give (Col. 4:5).

Soon the sermon was over. They sang a closing song, “Let Him Have His Way
with Thee,”
and broke for lunch. But, before they left the church building that
day, they would all get a church bulletin. Strangely, the bulletin was entitled,
“Suppose God Wanted to Use You Today!”

-Robert M. Housby

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