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Thank God for Ordinary Christians

November 25th, 2007

(This article appeared in the Shady Acres Church of Christ Bulletin,
September 2, 2007, and was composed by D. Slingluff.  It has been condensed and adapted)

Someone has said, “God must really love ordinary people—He made so many of them.” In this day of superstars and specialists, experts and authorities, it is reassuring to know that there is one place where the ordinary man (or woman) will always be loved and needed–in the church!

General Eisenhower once rebuked one of his officers for referring to a soldier as “just a private.” He reminded him that the army could function far better without generals than it could without its foot-soldiers. “If this war is won,” he said, “it will be won by privates.” In the same way, the common, ordinary, one talent, Christians are the very backbone of the church…If the work of the Lord is to be done, it will be ordinary Christians who do it.

In thinking back over the years, we can think of some tremendous examples of ordinary Christians serving God in extraordinary ways. The work that has been done by these brothers and sisters is known by few. Their names do not typically appear in church bulletins, though their works are precious and priceless. There is no shame in having limited talents. But there is shame in not using the talents that God has given.

Thank God for ordinary Christians!

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