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The Restoration Plea

March 16th, 2008

Years ago, brother Walter Scott, wrote in his periodical, The Evangelist (1840) [reprinted by College Press, Joplin, Missouri] a series entitled, Cleansing of the Sanctuary. In this series, Scott enumerates the great points of the Plea for Restoration:

1. The Bible Alone.
2. The True Gospel.
3. The Name Christian.
4. The Apostolic Order of the Church
5. The Perfection of Individual Character.

Walter Scott would eventually qualify these main points of restoration (Vol. VIII. Cincinnati, Ohio, December 1, 1840. No. 12) by saying: “It is important in all our attempts at reformation that ends and means be carefully distinguished from each other. In the following schedule of reform the first four elements are means; the last is an end.

1. The Bible
2. The Gospel
3. The Name
4. The Order, and
5. The Perfection of Character

The Bible is our sole authority—neither human creed; church catechism; nor, extra-biblical revelation is above it. The gospel, as revealed in the Bible, is our only plan of salvation. The name, Christian, is the desirable name of all followers of Christ. The New Testament order of worship and procedure in faith and practice (sometimes called the ancient order) is, in fact, the only authorized and approved method of pleasing God today. And, one’s personal and spiritual devotion is required holiness (Matthew 5:48; Hebrews 12:14). -Robert M. Housby