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Modest Dress in Worship

May 21st, 2006

A very wise person once said, “Never use a meat-cleaver to swat a fly on a friend’s forehead.”  I think I’ve found an application for this adage.  There are some sensitive issues that should be dealt with in a sensitive manner.  One of those issues is that of modest, appropriate dress.  The elders (where I preach) have asked that I address this particular issue ….  In an attempt to honor that request, I ask all our Christian ladies to consider just a few thoughts.

Ladies, Christian men struggle with what this old corrupt world throws at us.  As men who belong to God, we want to see women as He wants us to, as real persons – and as sister.  However, the devil and the world want s us to see you as just bodies, sexual objects for our cheap gratification.  But Christ wants us to honor your heart and spirit as well as your physical beauty.  This is no easy task in a society that floods us with sexual images.

In view of this struggle, sisters in Christ, I would ask a favor of you on behalf of your brothers here.  Before you come to worship next Sunday morning, please look at yourself in the mirror.  You are beautiful – God made you that way – and I am glad He did.  As you look into the mirror, examine your heart and ask yourself and the Lord two questions:  First, ask yourself; “Does the way I’m dressed this morning encourage men to see and know me for my body or for my heart and spirit?”  Second, ask God; “Lord, does the way I’m dressed this morning help my brothers focus on You, during worship, or does it distract them from You?”  I respect your relationship with the Lord and trust that you desire to seek His will for you.

This issue of cleaning our minds and hearts is our issue as men, and we should take responsibility for it.  I hope we’ve learned from Adam that blaming women for our sin only makes it worse.  At the same time, I just wanted to remind you ladies that sometimes men need your help.  I trust that you want to do that and that you will be careful that your mode of dress helps move us in the right direction.

                 -Johnny Hester, via Shady Acres Church of Christ Bulletin, Sikeston, MO

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