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A Sabbath Controversy

May 20th, 2007

“…they were watching him carefully”

(Luke 14:1)

Introduction: It is through this Sabbath controversy that we learn about the very basics of religion and even ourselves. This passage exposes certain crucial matters:

I. Two Maladies (14:1,2)

A. _____________________

B. _____________________

II. A Study in Contrasts (14:3-6)

A. He __________ They ___________ (v.1)

B. He __________ They ___________ (vv. 3,4)

C. He __________ They ___________ (vv. 5,6)

Conclusion: There is a silence in this controversy (vv. 4, 6). It is the silence of reluctance to respond, and regret without remorse. This controversy continues among those absorbed in the self-centered lifestyle.

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