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Familiar Door Or Narrow Door?

April 29th, 2007

“And someone said to him, Lord will those who are saved be few?
And he said to them, Strive to enter through the narrow door”

(Luke 13:23,24)

Although Luke 13:22 is not specific, research suggests that Jesus is now mostly in Perea (the Trans-Jordanian regions). He never loses sight of Luke 9:51.

The Question (13:22,23)

A. About _______________

B. And ________________

Jesus’ Response – 4 Points (13:24-30)

1. “the ___________________ door” (13:24)

2. The door is time __________________ (13:25)

3. The door is about more than _________________

4. The door is ______________________ (13:28-30)

a. of the kingdom of God
b. of universal relevance
c. of ironic implications

Conclusion: Remember—shocked at the gate…knocked too late. And the door was made of wood. Have you been to that door? Have you entered through it (John 10:9)?

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