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Figuring Out the Fear Thing

January 14th, 2007

“do not fear those…fear him…”

(Luke 12:4,5)

Jesus often addressed man’s deepest concerns. In Luke 12:4-7, Jesus will deal with the fears (phobia) of man. The options appear—

Option 1 – Fear as intimidation from others/things (12:4)

Option 2 –
Fear of being forgotten by God (12:6)

Option 3 –
Fear of personal insignificance (12:7)

Option 4 – Fear him [God] (12:5)

Conclusion: Man could not figure out the fear thing on his own. But, the Son of Man, the Man of Sorrows, can take away the bellicose intimidations of Pharisees and demons and instill instead the reassuring reverence of God.

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