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Heavenward by Heaven Words

November 4th, 2007

“Thus says the Lord: Heaven is my throne”

(Isaiah 66:1)

Introduction: Take a trip to the local mall, and you will find that we continue to speak of heaven. But, not all trips speak of the same heaven. Read Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians and you will encounter heaven words for the heavenward.

I. Paul’s world included…

II. Paul’s usage of heaven words in Ephesians

A. Re: “us” (1:3) ___________________________

B. Re: “all things” (1:10) ______________________

C. Re: “Christ” (1:20; 4:10; 6:9) _________________

D. Re: “principalities and powers” (3:10; 6:12) ________________________________________

E. Re: “every family” (3:15) ____________________

Conclusion: Heaven holds all to Paul. Does heaven hold all to you? In other words, are you heavenward?

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