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Hercules in Samaria?

February 19th, 2009

“The Lord is the strength of his people”

(Ps. 28:8; Ex. 15:2; Deut. 5:7; 12:30; Isa. 43:10-12; Phil. 4:13)

Introduction: What would Hercules be doing in Samaria?  Nevertheless, a sculpture of the Greco-Roman hero Hercules was discovered in Samaria (Aharoni and Avi-Yonah, The MacMillan Bible Atlas,131).  What could this possibly mean?  And why would it matter today?

I. What is the allurement of the Hercules Myth?

A.    Strength

B.     Protection

C.     Savior

D.    Identification

II. Have we really evolved away from mythological hope? (Well, certainly we do not call it Hercules, etc.– Nevertheless…)

A.     Protectionism


C.     Secular society (supposed as superior)

III.      The Biblical Grounding (Non-mythological) (Acts 1:6-8; 8:1-25)

A.    ___________ B. __________ C. ___________

Conclusion: Now, as ever, religious syncretism is extremely relevant. So, who’s your savior, protector, and strength these days?  How do you identify when it comes to these ultimate matters?   Is your Jesus just a Herculean myth, or the Lord of the universe  (Ps. 28:8; Acts 4:12)?

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