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Moses the Man

March 6th, 2009

“Some are born great, others achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”

(William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night)

Introduction:    National Geographic (March, 2009) reminds us that Moses and Mount Sinai are still newsworthy.  Who was this Moses, and what might we learn from this man?

I. Michaelangelo’s “Moses (1515)

A.    (Ex. 34:29-35)

B.     Sigmund Freud’s failure to see Moses (The Moses of Michaelangelo)

C.    Will we see Moses?

II.        What might we learn from Moses?

A.    __________________________

B.     __________________________

C.    __________________________

D.    __________________________

Conclusion:    Moses once inspired a weary and sorely oppressed people into a united nation; from whom came the Messiah.  Now, Biblical biographical data may be used productively, or set aside.

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