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Now or Never?

March 18th, 2007

“…make an effort to settle”

(Luke 12:58)

Luke 12:57-59 is a parable. Does this parable teach “Now or Never”? Why does Jesus urge settling ASAP?

A. Luke 12:57 – teaches human _______________

B. Luke 12:58 – teaches Jesus’ goal to __________

C. Non-settlement will mean 3 things:

1. Your accuser will ___________ you

2. Your judge will _____________you

3. Your officer will ____________ you

D. Luke 12:59 – teaches ____________________

Conclusion: The Christian system, as taught in the Scriptures, extends the hope of salvation to all men, as long as they live (2 Peter 3:9). The difficulty, however, is compounded by numerous complications: (1) the unpredictability of death (2) the advancement of the hardening of the heart, and (3) the irrevocable nature of eternal destiny.

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