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Relating Faith To Life

April 15th, 2007

“What is the kingdom of God like?”

(Luke 13:18)

Introduction: Relating faith to life is the main problem (agree?) Luke 13:18-21 is about two very important parables for learning redemptive living.

I. Parables prompt us to ask—What’s going on here?
[Allowing us to ask the same of our own _________.]

II. Luke 13:18-19— Is it worth it?
[The question seems to hinge upon ___.]

III. Luke 13:20-21— Does it matter?
[Will it ____________ anything?]

Is it worth it? and, Does it matter? are valid questions. But, they are ultimately selfish questions. The kingdom of God is about His will (see Matthew 6:10). The kingdom always matters!

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