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The Lord Does the Adding

March 19th, 2009

“And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being  saved” (Acts 2:47)

Introduction: Acts 2:41 and 2:47 indicate that the Lord does the adding when it comes to church membership.  Let’s review Acts 2 and notice how this adding is a great at last in God’s plan of salvation (see also Acts 5:14 and 11:24).

Outline of Acts 2

2:1-13 -   Excitation (Heaven => Jerusalem)

2:14-21 -  Explanation (Joel 2:28-32 => Holy Spirit)

2:22-36Application (David => Jesus)

2:37-47 Activation (Pentecostians => Church)

Conclusion:    Man may add to his faith virtue (2 Pet. 1:5ff.); man may add an addition on to his house; man may add mathematically; but, only the Lord can add to his church. Once again, there are certain things that a man cannot do-add to a ratified covenant (Gal. 3:15); by worrying add years to one’s life (Lk. 12;25); and, no man can add himself to the church-for only the Lord does the adding; not man, not the church, not a religious association-only the Lord.  Have you been added to the Lord’s church according to Acts of the Apostles?

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