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Why Jesus Spoke in Parables

June 4th, 2009

[Taken from the Gospel According to Matthew]

“This is why I speak to them in parables…”

(Matthew 13:13)

Inrtroduction: In today’s lesson, we shall give seven reasons why Jesus spoke in parables.  See Matthew 13:1-17 (especially note v. 3).

1.      13:10 To create _________________.

2.     13:11 To disclose content ______________about the Kingdom of God.

3.     13:13 To _____________ with a stylistic Hebrew unit known as the


4.      13:14-16 To distinguish his _______________.

5.      13:19 To place moral responsibility on the __________________, not the nation.

6.      13:34-35 To fulfill ______________________.

7.      13:53-54 To be _________________________.

Conclusion: These parables of Jesus continue to be baffling and enigmatic to the casual and complacent.  They have been coded for a purpose.  Do you see?

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