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Highlighting Hebrews 9:26

April 20th, 2008

“Then Christ would have had to suffer many times since the creation of the world. But now he has appeared once for all at the end of the ages to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself”

(Hebrews 9:26, NIV)

William R. Newell said of Hebrews 9:26, “All previous ages led up to this; all succeeding ages are governed by this!” (Hebrews Verse by Verse, p. 323). Edward Fudge wrote concerning 9:26, “The singularity of Christ’s offering is expressed here in three ways. It is once for all; it is the consummation of the ages; and, it is to abolish sin. If sin is abolished, there is no need for another sacrifice. If the consummation of the ages has come, there is no time for another. And, if Christ’s offering is once for all, there can be no other” (Our Man in Heaven: An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews, pp. 101-02).

Johannes Schneider, former professor of New Testament at Berlin University during the Nazis surge (1933-39), said about 9:26—“ [This] section shows the three great perspectives by which the Church of Christ has oriented herself in all times. It calls attention to the finished work of redemption; the present reality of redemption; and the promised future realization of redemption. Before her spiritual eye stands the crucified Christ, the eternal high priest, and the coming Savior” (The Letter to the Hebrews, p. 91).

Not only has Christ died, he died for you.

– Robert M. Housby

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