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Egocentric Judas and the Christian Center

April 20th, 2008

“…the Lamb at the center…”

(Revelation 7:17, NRSV)

Judas missed the Christian center (mesos, Rev. 7:17) by his own egocentric lifestyle.

I. The “Center” in Scripture

A. Genesis 2:9 – The center is about ___________ .

B. Daniel 4:10 – The center is about ___________.

C. Revelation 7:17 – The center is about ________.

II. Egocentric Judas (5 observations)

A. Judas was a ________________.

B. Judas was a ________________.

C. Judas was a ________________.

D. Judas was in _______________.

E. Judas’ center could not hold (Acts 1:16-20)

Conclusion: Does your center hold? (The Second Coming, W.B. Yeats—“the center cannot hold”). The center will heave yet once more. Is the Lord your center today?

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