Salvation – History

March 28th, 2010

A Presence for This Moment in Time

(Luke 1)

Introduction: The Dedication to Theophilus (1:1-4) opened the book and contextualized it. Now, the remaining portion of chapter 1 will announce and describe the coming lives of “John the Baptist” (the Harbinger) and “Jesus of Nazareth” (the Christ). [Somewhere in Time (Jane Seymour/Chris Reeves); Back to the Future (Michael J. Fox)]

1. We will orient ourselves to the biblical text of Luke 1

2. We will be emphasizing salvation-history (heilsgeschicte) in Luke 1.

3. We will make some applications about the Lord working in history today.

Prayer: Father, make us aware of your presence in history. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

I. Textual Observations

    A. vv. 5-25 Gabriel speaks to Zechariah announcing that he will have a son.

    B. vv. 26-38 Gabriel speaks to Joseph and Mary announcing that they will have a son.

    C. vv. 39-45 Mary visits Elizabeth; staying about three months (v. 56).

    D. vv. 46-55 The Magnificat.

    E. vv. 57-66 The birth of John.

    F. vv. 67-79 Zechariah’s prophecy about the Lord’s fulfillment of history.

    G. v. 80 A synopsis of John’s life until his public appearance (cf. 2:52).

II. What is Meant by Salvation-History?

A. v. 16-17 – ______________________________

B. v. 19 – ______________________________

C. v. 30-33 – ______________________________

D. v. 45 – ______________________________

E. vv. 46-47 – ______________________________

F. v. 77 – ______________________________

III. Contemporary Applications

A. History is still happening.

B. Salvation is still being offered (3:6; 19:10; 24:47)

C. We have the benefit of “after-the-fact” perspective about “the hand of the Lord” (v. 66).

D. Kingdom of God (1:33) will go on even in the face of the worst of the worst.

Conclusion: An appreciation of Salvation-History acknowledges the presence of the Lord in history. We honor the Lord’s presence today through our lives: by what we believe and how we live.