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References in Resolution

January 26th, 2012


PSALMS: BOOK 1 (1-41)

“Kiss the Son”

(Psalm 2:12; See Jn. 5:23)

 Introduction:   Psalms: Bk. 1 (1-41) differs from the other sections of the Psalms in several different respects.   One such differentiation shows itself in how personally resolved the psalmist appears.   It may be that these references in religious resolution may point the way to reaffirm our own faith during days of modern conflicts.  We have designated the first three Psalms (examples) with important textual clues, as to meaning.

Psalm 1:2, 6 = Contrast [Re: different types; different values; different destinies] (Cominciamo in Contrasto: due uomini; due vie; due destini)

Psalm 2:12 = Why? [Re: rejection of the biblical God] (Perche?)

Psalm 3:4 = Conflict [Re: The people of God in conflict] (Il popolo di Dio in conflitto)

Psalm 4:6

Psalm 5:8

Psalm 6:2

Psalm 7:17

Psalm 8:1,9

Psalm 9:10

Psalm 10:1,12

Psalm 11:3,4

Psalm 12:6,7

Psalm 13:1,5

Psalm 14:2

Psalm 15:1

Psalm 16:5,8

Psalm 17:6

Psalm 18:46

Psalm 19:1,7,14

Psalm 20:4

Psalm 21:6

Psalm 22:1

Psalm 23:6

Psalm 24:1

Psalm 25:8

Psalm 26:8

Psalm 27:8,13

Psalm 28:8

Psalm 29:2

Psalm 30:5

Psalm 31:5,15

Psalm 32:1-2

Psalm 33:13

Psalm 34:18

Psalm 35:2,3,27

Psalm 36:9

Psalm 37:4,5,31

Psalm 38:9

Psalm 39:4

Psalm 40:7-8

Psalm 41:13

Conclusion:     Book 1 also contains a recurring phrase worth your consideration (“The Holy Hill”: See 2:6; 3:4; 15:1; 24:3).  Indeed, Calvary was a low brow, but it casts a long shadow.   May these references of  Psalms: Book 1 enable more practicing of the presence of God.

The castle

Solitude and Spiritual Strength

June 14th, 2009

“And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed”

(Mark 1:35, KJV)

We sometimes look upon the whole monastic movement of historic Christianity as an aberrant form of the faith, and in many respects this is accurate (see 1 Tim. 4:1-8).  However, there is something spiritually profound about spending personal time alone with God with disciplined regularity (see Matt. 6:6).   The Lord gives spiritual strength to the spiritually seeking.  David said, “Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!” (1 Chron. 16:11).

It is this strength through solitude that Jesus models for us:

1.                   Matt. 4:1-11      When preparing for public ministry

2.                   Matt. 14:13       Upon news of the death of John

3.                   Matt. 14:23       When pressed by the crowds

4.                   Lk. 6:12-13       Before choosing the twelve

5.                   Jn. 6:14-15        When confronted with others’ agenda

Psalm 46:10 still remains significant:

“Be still and know that I am God”

Be still and know

Be still


-Robert M. Housby

Devotional Readings From Brother Lawrence’s,Practicing the Presence of God

April 10th, 2009

[We use the name which this Carmelite kitchen monk went by-“Brother Lawrence,” in the sense of Acts 2:37, where “brethren” is used in a generic sense]

In the area of Christian devotional literature, the classic work by “Brother Lawrence,” Practicing the Presence of God, is certainly worth your time to read.  Surely Lawrence was ahead of many when it comes to a personal spiritual life.   Notice some sample quotes below, from Lawrence:

“The time of business does not with me differ from the time of prayer, and in the noise and clatter of my kitchen…I possess God as if I were on my knees.”

“You need not cry very loud, he is nearer to us than we think”

“We ought not to be weary of doing little things for the love of God, who regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is performed”

“There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful than that of a continual walk with God.  Those only can comprehend it who practice and experience it; yet I do not advise you to do it from that motive”

These quotes serve to make us aware of why we do what we do in the name of Christ (Psalm 116).

-Robert M. Housby