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The Day Willy-Nilly, Shilly-Shally, and Dilly-Dally Met-Up With Verily, Verily

August 13th, 2006

“Verily, verily, I say unto you”

(John 1:51; 3:3,5,11; 5:19,24,25,26,32,47,53;8:34,51,58;
10:1,7;12:24; 13:16,20,21,38;14:12;16:20,23;21:18)

The “verily, verily” statements of Jesus express certainty in simplicity. Although the older English, “verily” is not conversational any longer, the Greek,“…AMEN, AMEN…” is translated: “Most assuredly” (NKJV); “Truly, truly” (NASB); and, “In truth, in very truth, I tell you” (NEB) (e.g. John 1:51). It appears that the largest concentration of this idiom occurs in the Gospel of John (Matthew – second; Mark – third and Luke – last).

We live in a willy-nilly, shilly-shally, dilly-dally world. From so-called Christian churches (which waffle on the word of God) to humanistic agencies, and societies (which provide transportation to the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah), our times are under-going pervasive indecision, careless and wrong decision-making.

1. Shilly-shally indecision (from a reduplication of shall-I?) = to hesitate.
2. Willy-nilly – (contraction from, will I, nill I.) = either way is okay.
3. Dilly-dally a preoccupation with trifles.

Jesus did not hesitate; was not apathetic; and, was not a trifle with trivia. His way was resolute, purposeful, and significant. Do you live with a “Verily, verily I say unto you” or, do you live with contractions of confusion?

– Robert Housby

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